Soprema Group, a leading international manufacturer of waterproofing, insulation, and roofing solutions, is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of Gripfix Ireland Ltd, a prominent player in the Irish construction industry. The final paperwork for the acquisition was signed by Dave O’Loughlin and Thomas O’Loughlin of Gripfix Ireland, along with Leo Hoekstra and Richard Crocker representing Soprema Group and Soprema Ireland, respectively.

Gripfix, headquartered in County Meath, has established itself as a reliable and innovative company, with a proven track record of delivering high-quality products and services. Gripfix has become a trusted partner for construction projects throughout Ireland.

Soprema Group, a global leader in waterproofing, insulation, and roofing solutions, has a history dating back to 1908. The company is renowned for its commitment to excellence, sustainable practices, and cutting-edge technology in the construction industry. Soprema Group’s acquisition of Gripfix is a strategic move to strengthen its presence in the Irish market and enhance its portfolio of solutions for the construction sector.

“We are thrilled to welcome Gripfix into the Soprema family,” said Leo Hoekstra, CEO of North Europe at Soprema Group. “This acquisition aligns with our strategic vision of expanding our global reach and offering a comprehensive range of high-quality solutions to our customers. Gripfix’s expertise and reputation in the Irish construction market make them an ideal addition to our growing family of companies.”
The finalization of the acquisition marks a milestone for both companies and signifies a commitment to growth and collaboration in the construction industry. Soprema Group looks forward to integrating Gripfix’s strengths and talents into its operations, further enhancing its ability to provide innovative and sustainable solutions for the evolving needs of the Irish construction sector.

Dave O’Loughlin and Thomas O’Loughlin, founders of Gripfix Ireland Ltd, expressed their enthusiasm for the acquisition, stating, “We are excited to join forces with Soprema Group, a company known for its global leadership and commitment to excellence. This collaboration will undoubtedly bring new opportunities for innovation and growth, benefiting our customers and the construction industry as a whole.”

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