Coffey Group’s Galway West Water Supply Scheme Enhances Drinking Water Infrastructure for Galway City and Environs

Coffey is a leading water infrastructure and civil engineering specialist engineering. We’re currently working on the Terryland Water Treatment Plant (WTP) Intake Works Project on behalf of Uisce Éireann and Galway City Council. This important project aims to improve the water supply infrastructure and ensure the provision of safe and reliable drinking water to Galway City and its surrounding areas, including the potential extension of supply to parts of South Connemara.

Galway City Council is responsible for maintaining the public mains systems and ensuring the quality of the water in Galway City. The Terryland WTP meets the drinking water needs of the city’s 80,000 residents and is supplied with raw water abstracted from the River Corrib via an intake located on the east bank of the river and upstream of the Quincentenary Bridge.

Coffey is constructing a new raw water intake near the Dyke Road on the east bank of the river and approximately 100m downstream of the Quincentenary Bridge. The new intake will have the capacity to supply approximately 55 mega litres of raw water per day (MLD) to Terryland WTP and will have the provision to upgrade to 90 MLD in future. The associated infrastructure for the intake will include a control building, access road, floating boom system, erosion mitigation measures for the riverbank and bed, fish screens and provision of water supply, electrical and telecommunication ducting to the inlet works.

Coffey is working on a state-of-the-art 1,200mm transfer main pipeline, designed in collaboration with AM Civil Engineering. Once complete, the pipeline will connect the new Terryland Intake to the existing Intake supply, enabling a seamless flow of water and supporting the efficient distribution of drinking water to the communities it serves. To ensure the preservation of critical assets and minimal disturbance, construction of the tunnel carrying the pipeline employed trenchless technology and a Tunnel Boring Machine, a safe and effective method for underground installation. This approach highlights Coffey’s commitment to employing innovative techniques that prioritise community safety and reduce disruptions to existing infrastructure.

Coffey understands the significance of providing high-quality drinking water to communities. The Terryland WTP Intake Works Project represents a crucial milestone in our mission to safeguard the health and well-being of Galway City and environs by ensuring access to safe and reliable drinking water. By constructing the new raw water intake and implementing cutting-edge infrastructure, Coffey is proud to contribute to the long-term sustainability and growth of Galway’s water supply network.
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