Construction Safety Software Firm HammerTech Launches in Ireland

An Australian software company that specialises in compliance, safety and site operations within construction has expanded into the UK and Ireland.

HammerTech, founded in 2015, pioneered an innovative digital platform for construction companies that consolidates safety and site management solutions and processes into one paperless system.

The platform speeds up administrative tasks such as permits management by up to 57 percent, enabling staff to spend more time onsite and less time on paperwork.

HammerTech has established itself as a leading platform in its industry in Australia and New Zealand, with strong traction in the USA, and has its sights set on the UK and Ireland, having recently opened a new office in London.

Ben Leach, CEO of HammerTech, explained: “HammerTech is a platform that digitises all safety and site operations processes and paperwork into a real-time mobile application. It was created by construction and technology professionals specifically to solve construction problems, and we believe it’s the only solution on the market to bring all field safety systems together in one place.

“We now work with 80 percent of the largest builders in Australia, some having hundreds of projects at any given time, and being one or two clicks away from vital data is a huge benefit to them.

“Having scaled significantly over the past few years, entering new territories like the United States, we are now in a prime position to enter the UK and Ireland and are excited to bring our platform to market.”

Pat Godfrey, HammerTech’s Head of Sales in the UK & Ireland, said: “It’s known that health and safety within construction has plateaued over the past decade. But things need to change as it’s still one of the most dangerous environments to work in.

“HammerTech is embedding health and safety across all staff from contractors and subcontractors to head office staff, making everyone accountable and safety a number one priority.

“I am passionate about construction and technology so this role definitely appealed to me. I can’t wait to get started and show UK & Ireland construction businesses what HammerTech can do.”

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