With the easing of the pandemic, 2022 looks set to be a robust year for both the resi- dential and commercial construction sec- tor, however labour costs and shortages are likely constraints to growth, as noted in the recently published CIF survey, “The outlook for 2022 is positive, but significant challenges for construction have been identified that could stymie our ability to deliver the Go- vernment’s plans for housing, infrastructure and climate change.

“Input costs and labour shortages have the potential to affect output,”
Given this potential growth constraint, Avril Clare Recru- itment limited, property and construction recruitment specialists, have recently completed a property and con- struction salary survey.

Construction Professionals
The current growth in Construction demand which is in the main being fuelled by increased Government infra- structure expenditure, demand for private sector / social housing and build to rent schemes has led to a signifi- cant supply shortage of construction professionals such as Building services engineers, architects, civil engineers, structural engineers and quantity surveyors. However, the survey also reveals a spike in demand for skilled tra- despeople, which we expect to increase further.
Accentuating this demand/supply mismatch is the desi- re for suitable candidates to have at least 3-10 years of experience.
While Dublin continues to lead the way in terms of de- mand the rest of the country is following suit.

There are several large projects in Galway, Cork, and Limerick in sectors such as pharma, data centres, and re- sidential projects. This has seen a nationwide increase demand in construction and property jobs, specifically for: Sustainability Facility Managers, Asset Managers, Planners, Quantity Surveyors, Site Engineers, Develop- ment Managers and Project Managers – life science.

Along with the obvious upward pressure on salary’s, many construction and property roles are now com- manding more comprehensive benefit packages inclu- ding Pensions, Healthcare and Life Assurance.

Given that Firms are finding difficultly sourcing suitably qualified and experienced candidates locally, they are increasingly looking to extend their search beyond do- mestic borders to the global talent pool.

The survey also reveals that employers and prospecti- ve candidates from outside the EU are also becoming more aware of utilising the Critical Skills Employment Permits (CSEP).

The CSEP can be used to attract highly skilled people into the Irish labour market, both to fill the supply shortage and ultimately for them to take up permanent residence in the country.

For a candidate to be able to successfully apply for this permit, they need to have a firm job offer and the process then takes 4/6 weeks to complete. A similar time frame for a domestic candidate to work out their notice.

We currently have a number of exciting opportunities for experienced project managers, development ma- nagers and in particular sustainability facilities mana- gers with both property developers and consultancy firms.

As all business’s attempt to navigate transition to a net-zero emissions economy, sustainability skill sets, and qualifications will command a premium in the marketplace for the foreseeable future.
The survey reveals a particular shortage of Sustaina- bility Facilities Managers, who can deliver bespoke sustainable and ESG solutions to the real estate and construction sectors.

The survey confirms that there is very high demand for sustainability project and facilities managers who can provide strategic sustainable solutions to both new build construction projects and existing property portfolios.

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