Zutec achieves BSI Kitemark for BIM software

Zutec is one of the first construction technology companies in the world to be awarded the new BSI Kitemark™ certification for Building Information Modelling (BIM) software. The Kitemark represents the international standard ISO 19650. Read on to discover exactly what this is and why it’s so important.

BSI BIM Software Kitemark™

The Kitemark is a global benchmark in BIM software and it’s owned and awarded by the global standards body, the BSI Group (British Standards Institution). Companies seeking the Kitemark are subject to extensive, independent assessments confirming the high quality and usability of their offering.

There is a whole host of criteria needed to qualify for this independent award: software functionality, security, support, development, resilience, as well as the business management system deployed.

Zutec had to provide evidence to show the high quality controlled processes and the usability of the software, and demonstrate the solution is robust against cyber-attacks, has continuity in case of server hardware failure, and the solid availability of maintenance. The certification also requires that the platform is continually being refined, while providing a user-friendly, functional cloud environment with high-quality training and support services in place.

We’ve been talking about BIM for years. What does the Kitemark bring?

BIM is not a new concept, and depending on the region, it’s widely used especially among innovative construction professionals. But it’s a somewhat misunderstood term, often taken to mean specifically (the authoring of) 3D models. However, software does not equal BIM, rather it is best understood as a process. And while there are many solutions on the market, there is not one standardised system of implementing BIM.

The BSI Kitemark seeks to rectify this. They explain that the ecosystem of software that could attain BIM compliance includes the whole gamut of construction tech, including CDEs, model authoring, model viewing, model coordination, design/construction management, asset management and health & safety management.

What value does it add for Zutec customers?

The Kitemark stands for assurance that the product has been independently scrutinised, and is shown to perform against expectations – safely, securely, and sustainably – by the global leader in BIM best practice.

A business choosing to work with Zutec can therefore be confident that their aims of best practice are supported by the software, and that the international standard ISO 19650 has been achieved.

In addition, the Kitemark means that the scrutiny is ongoing – tangible improvements are always being identified. Zutec’s solutions will be assessed, measured, evaluated and reported on as part of BSI’s process improvement philosophy. This will continue to reduce waste throughout project lifecycles by a consistent and collaborative approach, to maintain our leadership position.

Customer-centric approach

The achievement of the BIM Kitemark also serves as independent evidence of our customer-centric approach – that our customers have high satisfaction of our product and software support. Working with Zutec now means a step towards achieving ISO 19650 compliance for any of our clients’ projects too.

Choose Zutec

With the BIM software market becoming increasingly complex and noisy, it can be difficult for companies to have confidence that they’ve chosen the right product. With the BIM Kitemark a shorthand for software, companies that choose Zutec can save time and be sure they are using a solution on the leading edge of construction tech.

Tom Boland, Global Head of Digitalisation at Zutec, says, “This new Kitemark is a significant moment for the construction industry. As digital rapidly becomes the norm, there is an increasing need for software tools that add real value to construction workflows. Zutec has been at the forefront of digital construction for over 20 years, so when an opportunity arose to prove just how good our software is, we were keen to achieve Kitemark certification. This mark of trust allows new and existing customers to be confident that Zutec will support them in their BIM journey, shows them that it is easy to use, and allows their teams to collaborate seamlessly on one platform.”

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