Jones Engineering founders donate Ireland’s largest philanthropic donation to TCD

Husband and wife Eric and Barbara Kinsella, founders of the Jones Engineering group, have donated €30million to Trinity College Dublin.

In what is believed to be the single largest philanthropic donation from individuals in the history of the State, the money will be funnelled into the first building on Trinity’s new campus. At 5.5 acres, the East campus is situated at the Grand Canal Innovation District and is the first to be developed by the college since its foundation 429 years ago. On the campus, the E3 Research Institute (E3RI) will focus on large-scale research programmes in engineering, environment and emerging technologies, including a focus on sustainability, climate change, renewable energy, water and sustainable manufacturing.

‘Barbara and I are delighted to support a project of such national significance,’ Mr Kinsella, aged 76, said. ‘The new Trinity East campus will be a highly efficient investment in the social and economic future of our country. ‘It will increase the prestige of our education and science sector internationally, will deliver research outputs in areas critical for future of our planet and will enable Trinity to expand its student body, giving new opportunities to young people throughout Ireland,’ he said. The university has also asked the State for €150million in funding for the institute.

‘We are deeply grateful for this transformative donation which will make it possible for us to realise our vision for the new Trinity East campus in the Grand Canal Innovation District,’ said Trinity’s Provost Dr Patrick Prendergast.

‘The development of Trinity East is a historic opportunity for a university which has existed on its main campus since 1592.’

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